Introduction to the AI Depot


Since the name is a bit ambiguous, this needs to be clarified. The Artificial Intelligence Depot is a site dedicated to the field of AI. Its aim is to provide a focus point for the community, with regular features, recent news and useful resources.
Our Mission Statement


It is run by the community, for the community... i.e. by me for me, until now. The list of contributers so far includes accademic researchers as well as game programmers: you'll never guess what I'm doing!
The People


The site is driven by two equally important components:
Both are integrated seamlessly and since they were specially designed for the site, they can be customised at will.


Born from the desire to dedicate a site to one of my passions, it has become a big project with high expectations. In the event of the latter failing, there's always the former to fall-back upon ;)
The Story so Far