Spring 2002 Contest

AI Article Writing Contest

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This was the first official AI Article Writing Contest, held between June 2nd and July 3rd. The prize was a copy of the game development book AI Game Programming Wisdom. This was an actual author copy, donated by yours truly! ;)

AI Game Programming Wisdom

Launched as an experiment and an insentive to get people writing articles, this contest was extremely succesful right from the word go! Over 8 people showed interest, actively asking for feedback about their articles. In the end, 7 submitted and another promised to write for the next contest instead!


You can find all these essays online through the Features Page


The voting took place by the other contestants, each voting for their three other favourite articles. 4 points were attributed to the first, 2 to the second and 1 to the third. The entry with most points won.

  1. Finite State Machines - by Jason Brownlee (20 points)
  2. Artificial Intelligence in Game Design - by Tim Schreiner (11 points)
  3. Game Trees in Real-time Games - by Marco van de Wijdeven (8 points)

The other entries were also of very good standard, and also had their fair share of the votes (alphabetical order).

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to write such great articles, for participating at all, and for wanting to contribute their knowledge back to the community.

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Alex J. Champandard